5 Things I Like About Myself

I got challenged by drownedwednesday to list 5 things I like about myself.

  1. I am extremely independent. 
  2. I am not afraid to travel to new places or find myself in unfamiliar circumstances.
  3. I am not afraid to have my own ideas, theories, or opinions challenged, and if I find my ideas inferior I am not afraid to change them. 
  4. I am a very determined individual.
  5. I can find comfort in the simplest thing.

@youllwinintheend said: Good luck! I’ll cross my fingers for you :)

Thanks! Well, the exam was definitely challenging. After almost 3 years of vet school you would think I am used to really left field questions by now. Anyways, one more final to go and then a whole weekend to enjoy! 

Anonymous asked:

hi! can u post pics of the school you go to? im a high school senior and trying to figure out where to go. are you in the US?

Hello there! Awesome job knowing what you want to do already in high school!

I am going to school in the United States, and it is for that reason I can’t post pictures of patients, necropsies, essentially anything fun. While not all US schools hold this policy I believe most do, the reason behind it is to protect client/patient confidentiality while also protecting the school from some of the crazy animal rights people. I know though, totally not fun and not posting pictures of amazing procedures is definitely contraindicated for an awesome blog, hopefully though my blog can fill the cool gap in other ways.


As far as my personal decision to not disclose where I am going to school/ any personal information well that is due to my need to get a job in about 1.5 years and social media can be a real bugger when it comes to things like that.

Sorry I can’t be more informative about where I am going. If you come off anon maybe I can provide you some more info. Most of the schools in the US provide a great education and all accredited schools pretty much cover the same material.

Daily Life #3

So it is the week of finals, and while most students are trying to cram every last detail in their head I am just trying to hold down my dinner. For the past two days I have had this terrible sense of dizziness and occupying nausea, totally not fun. I can say I am not circling, nor do I have a head tilt (that I can tell), other than that, it is really hard to do a neuro exam on ones self.

Heres to hoping my symptoms resolve in the next 12 hours so I can continue studying.